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Taking their cue from the Wild West, Wild Calling set out to create a line of pet food that’s real, honest and true. Now compared to a fancy Fortune 500 Company in New York City, maybe their ‘Real. Honest. True.’ strategy doesn’t seem like much. But they’re a small family-owned, family-run company, so Wild Calling doesn’t much care what New York thinks. Wild Calling is committed to fostering a free-range culture of innovation and high-quality nutrition. There’s a savagely high proportion of meat in every can or bag––100% grain and gluten free. Lentils, sweet potato and tapioca provide pets with balanced, consistent energy. Natural seaweed meal (prebiotic) combined with a strain of Bacillus subtilus (probiotic) helps support a healthy gastrointestinal tract. The dried vegetable and fruit blend, along with Vitamins C and E, help immune health. And Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help support healthy skin and a shiny coat. Real. Honest. True. What more could you ask for in your pet’s food. Check out our coupons this month and you’ll find 2 really good deals for Wild Calling dry food and canned food.

Pet(s) of the Month

  • Owner: Vince
  • Name(s): Big Chief
  • Breed(s): American Bulldog
  • Age(s): 2 1/2 years old
  • Favorite things to eat: Anything with Bacon
  • Favorite things to do at home: Loves to play fetch and watch Animal Planet
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