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Do you have different types of pets? If they have a minor cut or skin irritation wouldn’t you like to use one product for all of them? We encourage you try Vetericyn for over the counter management of skin abrasions, lacerations, minor irritations and cuts. Safe for use on all animal species. All of their products can be used on dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, and even birds. Not only can Vetericyn products be used on any animal, it also does not contain antibiotics, because of the concern that overuse of antibiotics promotes resistance. The repeated and extended use of Vetericyn in cleaning the wound has no adverse consequences and does not promote resistance. The wound and skin care products come in a liquid spray and HyrdroGel spray. The difference between the liquid spray and HydroGel, is that the HydroGel is designed to stick to the site of application and evaporate slowly, so there’s no need to wipe away film or residue. Vetericyn also makes an eye ointment that can be used for flushing and cleaning wounds and irritations to the eye including: burning, stinging, itching, pollutants and contaminants. If you have different pets and are looking for an antibiotic-free, topical wound treatment, Vetericyn topical spray is the best bang for your buck!

Pet(s) of the Month

  • Owner: Shine Hong
  • Name(s): Milo
  • Breed(s): Terrier/Bichon mix
  • Age(s): 3 months
  • Favorite things to eat: Taste of the Wild and Greenies
  • Favorite things to do at home: Chew on toys and putty around on the couch and take naps!
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