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Love to feed the wild birds? Tired of all the left over mess the birds make? Well it’s time to look at Kaylor of Colorado’s Country Blend “The Complete Patio Blend”. This Easy-to-Feed seed is great for the beginner to the most devoted wild bird enthusiast. All three ingredients (Medium Sunflower Chips, Roasted Peanut Pieces, and Hulled White Millet) are mixed without their shells so there is less by-product discarded by your backyard birds. The Premium Seeds and Nuts in the Complete Patio Blend help attract a greater variety of wild birds and maximize the dietary advantages of year-round wild bird feeding. Depending upon your geographical location, The Complete Patio Blend is ideal for encouraging Cardinals, Grosbeaks, Finches, Chickadees, Blue Jays, Tree Sparrows, Nuthatches, and certain Songbirds to your outdoor environment. Available in 20 lb. bags. Swoop on in today!

Pet(s) of the Month

  • Owner: Vu & Julie
  • Name(s): Miles
  • Breed(s): Husky & Chow Chow mix
  • Age(s): 12 weeks old
  • Favorite things to eat: Whimzees Toothbrushes (dental treats)
  • Favorite things to do at home: Likes to play fetch in the backyard with his pops!
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